DEFINITION : ︎ Organized set of principles coordinated so as to form a scientific whole or a body of doctrine: Philosophical system. ︎ Set of elements considered in their relationships within a unitary functioning whole: The nervous system. ︎ The different political systems.Set of processes, organized practices, intended to ensure a defined function: Education system. ︎ Means, plan employed to obtain a result: The defense system of the accused. A good system for making a fortune. ︎ Apparatus, device formed of various elements and ensuring a determined function: A closing system. ︎ Optical system.Company considered as a structured and rigid whole: Enter the system. ︎ Tendency to think and act according to a rigid and dogmatic set of values: There is a part of system in its defense ︎︎︎YOU DON’T HAVE TO MAKE UP YOUR MIND RIGHT NOW BUT THAT WOULD BE GREAT IF YOU DO  

You can find below a collection of interactive moving images - deformed memories of Berlin, London and covid “statism” 2019-2021 

“I can never close my <cybernetic> lips where I have opened my <open source> heart”